This is current a list of previous posts, my plan is to start documenting stories of capturing images and life experiences

  • Slight update to the slider

    Slight update to the slider

    I’ve made some updates to the motor and slider gantry part. I’ve added a geared stepper motor (gear ratio: 5.18:1) with a 36 Tooth pully, though a 20 tooth pulley is also available, Black contoller box, new limit switches, new connector for the motor to the box and lifted the camera ball head on a… Read more

  • Untitled post 32112

    OK so it has been a while since I have been back here but I thought I’d post an update to the camera slider. I’ve been looking at simplifying the electronics part of it and have managed to potentially do away with the Sparkfun Arduino ProtoShield Kit. Instead I’m looking at putting the components that are… Read more

  • New photo added to the Gallery

    I’ve finally dusted off the camera and gone out to take some more photos. Here is one from Anna Bay NSW. A combination of  stitched Pano, Lightroom  and Photoshop. Read more

  • The PoleCam infrared remote

    First a bit of a background about how this came about. I was talking with a mate about these amazing close up photos of sharks he’d been getting and the way in which he was taking them. Basically he has his underwater camera (DSLR in an Ikelite housing) and strobe mounted on the end of… Read more

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